The Bluesky Cult!

Bluesky was initiated in a typical mezzanine setting start up. From only the founder as the first employee the team today has scaled up to a 40 member unit.

Clearly the success and strength of Bluesky is in its high caliber young team that has brought it to this level and will continue to be the pivot of growth for the future. After all expertise is Human!

Over the years we have observed that not every new recruit understands the culture and the behaviors needed to succeed, and quite a few who do, have excelled in their roles and found the experience extremely gratifying.

What personifies Bluesky and essential attributes needed in an individual is performance orientation, transparency, candor, conviction in the business, energy, flexibility, austerity, and a spirited attitude.

Organizations that are different, need un-conventional thinking, behaviors, mindsets and values-so also at Bluesky.

A brief preview is represented.

If you are looking at a career and an association with us, clearly introspect whether your values and perspective match with ours. If it does, we will always have space or create some.

1. Authenticity, Candor, Transparency

Being you, Being authentic and Being direct is what’s appreciated and encouraged. Read More

2. Fun and in formalness

We don’t hire serious guys anymore!! At B L U E S K Y hard work is enveloped with abundant fun. Read More

3. Ethics and integrity

Quite a few employees were history for not taking this seriously. Ethics and Integrity is all about conducting business with a conscience. Read More

4. Performance driven, Aggressive and Competitive

Bluesky is a highly performance driven system with methods that tracks performance on a monthly basis. Read More

5. Continuous improvement and knowledge sharing

Expertise is one of the pivots of the business and consequently expertise comes with continuous learning and sharing of knowledge. Read More

6. It’s not a job it's a mission and that needs commitment and passion

At B L U E S K Y people are excessively committed to a mission. Read More

7. Sharing of wealth with employees

If growth and success is driven by employees it’s only fair and equitable to make them beneficiaries in sharing of rewards. Read More