Bluesky connect positioned at the centre, plays the role of a torch bearer- entrusted and accountable to power clients to orbits of excellence. Specifically through Bluesky Connect, the objective is to provide clients and employees an impetus and radiance on Learning, network, improvement, work life balance and efficiency in terms of cost, time and resources.

Bluesky reaches out to specifically two communities, the Management and Employees through three specific drivers in the
form of:

Business Connect

Business connect is a platform that enhances management excellence and essentially provides services and support in 3 broad areas:

  • The Enterprise Navigation Team(TENT)
  • Organization Improvement Cell
  • Preferred Service Providers

The Enterprise Navigation Team (TENT)

With Bluesky at the centre serving as a TENT pole, experts and accomplished professionals in their domain provide navigation support to a Company in the areas of strategy, finance, Systems, Sales & Marketing. These professionals are drafted into the system as and when a challenge requires their involvement and if required the entire team can guide the Management on the entire trajectory of growth. Some of our executive team comprise of

  1. Strategy Consultant
  2. Chief Financial Officer
  3. Chief Marketing Officer
  4. Manufacturing Consultant
  5. Head of Channel Sales

Organization Improvement Cell

A Company needs to continuously improve on the growth journey and needs to shed some of its old legacies and simultaneously embrace new ones. This could include improvement of a website or an email system, process mapping, quality systems, ERP implementation, PR and many such more. Through our preferred vendors who have been assessed and endorsed by us, the above aspects are addressed.

Preferred Service Providers

A progressive organization continuously needs the support of quality and credible service providers. Identifying and evaluating such vendors becomes a mammoth task consuming large amounts of bandwidth. Due to the advantages of economies of scale Bluesky has developed alliances with preferred service providers after due diligence on their credibility and capability to execute. These business partners extend services to our clients at reduced cost and with priority attention.

In addition all our clients that have services targeted to corporate are naturally promoted to other companies with the intent of creating an integrated community. Some of our preferred Service Providers:

  1. Spentamultimedia-Website designs
  2. Print Services-Printing solutions
  3. IOS Relocations-Relocation services
  4. Suburban Diagnostics-Medical Services
  5. Blends Financial-Financial services and Insurance
  6. Sodexo-Meal vouchers
  7. Travel Mart India-Travel services
  8. Paymate-Gifting solutions
  9. Dot Dot Dot-Marketing Services

Employee connect

Employee engagement extends beyond the normal compensation once receives. With the mounting levels of stress creeping in an employee’s domain aspects like convenience, work life balance, recreation and fun at the work place augment the intensity of engagement besides it positioning the Company as an “Employer of Choice”.

Some of the programs we routinely organize include treks, adventure camps, sports tournaments, competitions, movies and various other workshops.

Also we have a dedicated team that constantly strives to bring the best possible deals and offers to all our clients and employees may it be by way of discounts at healthcare service providers, insurance, gyms and other similar such services.

The services extended to employees are in the following areas:

  • Employee convenience
  • Knowledge Enhancement
  • Recreation & Fun
  • Adventure
  • Privileges and Discounts

A list of activities and privileges that were organized are detailed below:

  • Paid Preview of the movie-Slumdog millionaire
  • Valentine day initiative across all our clients
  • Trek for employees
  • Paintball competition
  • Special privilege to all members from Suburban Diagnostics
  • Facility of filing of returns for employees
  • HBR tips aimed at personal effectiveness and improvement

Corner Office

The Corner Office is a virtual forum that integrates the CEO’s and Executive management of all our member clients. On this forum, select and fresh articles from Harvard Business Review are circulated to all members with an intent of stimulating a discussion and an exchange of ideas among members.

Members have an option of disclosing their identity to other members in which case they are free to interact with each other on this forum or remain passive.