Our prior experience validates that there is a clear convergence between two of the biggest strategic differentiators for a business-People and Market. Once you get these two variables right through a seamless overlap, the possibilities of taking home gold are high. It’s is our expertise in these two domains with a high degree of integration that helps us provide innovative solutions and in turn deliver results.

Also a clear understanding and expertise of the local market enables us add value to regional and international brands and provide an execution base.

For the many businesses that exist, most will echo a common sentiment, the hurdle of expansion and growth lies not in the strategy but in the execution, it is here that Bluesky adds value and delivers!


BLUESKY powers clients on three Levels: Project/Product Management, Strategic Consultancy and Execution

  • In Project/Product management we work along with companies and oversee exclusively the sales and marketing of a particular product or a set of products across a territory or market
  • In Strategic Consultancy we support companies
  1. Develop Marketing and business strategies
  2. Finding Innovative Solutions to Complex issues
  3. Designing Sales Architecture
  4. Process development
  5. Business planning
  • In execution Bluesky undertakes assignments such as
  1. Market research
  2. Website Development and Communication
  3. Analytics
  4. Sales Execution