A large proportion of managers agree that employees are their biggest assets; unfortunately many organizations really do not know what to do with their people. People management as a function is becoming increasingly complex especially with the proliferation of professionalism and knowledge workers.

It is clear that some aspects in a Company’s growth maturity are relatively irreversible: Organization culture, Alignment, performance orientation and Talent Acquisition are to name a few, get them wrong and it could be quite a setback on a Company’s plans and growth.

Bluesky is a specialized HR Function Outsourcing Organization that provides HR expertise and integrated support to its clients. We essentially power the HR function which includes HR Architecture, Design definition, HR plans and Execution. The emphasis is on Execution!

Our Execution lead approach provides clients the much needed impetus and trajectory for exponential growth through top class strategic insights on HR challenges in the areas of Talent Acquisition, HRM, OD, Training and Retention.

All this being achieved with complete accountability, metrics and clearly defined SLA’s. Bluesky’s focus is on the overall maturity rather than stand alone services.