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The HR Services vertical provides an array of customized services which have been engineered and developed at Bluesky. These services are managed by a team of experts at our back end with considerable process controls and proficiency in the domain. Such services reduce the need to have your in-house HR focus on such operational work enabling them to focus on strategic priorities.

In today’s day and age every organization must me agile and light to maneuver profitably. Outsourcing non-core functions allows companies to focus on their core businesses, and control non-core business expenses. Further these activities can be controlled through specific SLA’s which may not be possible to achieve when such functions are managed in-house within the Organisation.

Executive Due Diligence
  • Specially customized for Middle and Sr. Level executives
  • Eliminates the margin of error in assessment
  • Provides a 360 degrees perspective
  • Addresses integrity and exaggerated contributions

The Executive Due Diligence is a 360 degree check that focuses on the past performance and credentials of an individual. Apart from mere performance the check aims to examine critical competencies and integrity of the individual.

Reference Checks
    • Standard Reference Checks
    • Criminal Checks
    • Address Verification
    • Education Checks
Performance Audits
    • Mystery Shopping
    • Performance Audits

Interview assessment can never be 100% accurate. Inputs on the candidates past obtained from previous Companies and superiors reinforce and corroborate the Selection decision. Mystery audits and performance audits facilitate greater efficiency in customer facing role and provide valuable inputs for training and recognition roles

Payroll Processes
    • Payroll Process for multiple locations and divisions
    • On Line/Email option for pay slips
    • Direct bank transfers
    • PF/ESI/Form 16, 
    • Tax projections and calculations

Outsourcing payroll brings along best practices and relieves the Company from managing this activity in-house freeing the productive time of the in-house team. Our payroll systems manage the entire service delivery on an end to end basis which includes statutory compliances

Some additional customized services:

Recruitment Processes

Compensation Processes

Personnel Processes

    • Screening of Applications 
    • Database Management 
    • Preliminary Interviews 
    • Psychometric testing 
    • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
    • Medical check-ups 
    • Joining formalities

    • Benefits Administration 
    • Medical reimbursement
    • Insurance processing 
    • Compensation benchmarking and normalization
    • Exit Interviews 
    • Final Settlements 
    • Statutory Compliances
    • Employee Attitude Surveys