Why Outsource Your HR Function

Expertise :

The business of People is complex do not leave it to novices!

  • Bluesky provides multiple levels of expertise that is equipped to handle the toughest of challenges. This ensures that the HR function is not confined to a few HR resources that are relegated to action mundane activities revolving around payroll and maintenance but to an organization of experts.
  • Besides there is a natural leverage and extension of best practices and proactive approach to organization challenges


More than Best practices we engineer the Next practices!

  • Through a large team of HR professionals, the Organization engineers the development of best practices in Human Resource which are more contemporary and aligned with Business HR.
  • Through our innovative practices we have developed Game Changers and path breaking concepts like the Bluesky Positioning System-A Dynamic Performance Management System, model for identifying and managing Key & Critical Resources, HR maturity model-A tangible score to the maturity of HR in an organization.


We are not mere consultants but implementing partners!

  • Our model focuses on execution and implementation.
  • Our on-site team supports the client on various challenges through proper systems and processes that facilitate easy implementation. The model focuses on overall HR maturity and is holistic.


With Bluesky you deal with a firm not a single individual!

  • Continuity in the HR function brings about greater consistency aligned with the Company’s philosophy. Hence any organization that engages us is de-risked from HR executives separating mid stream.
  • The model is built around Continuity and partnership during the entire maturity journey.

Cost Effective:

Ours is on a Pay As you Use model!

  • HR must be cost effective and more value adding
  • The flexibilities we provide ensures that your HR function will always be economical in comparison to an in-sourced model


Integration through our specialized verticals for all HR needs!

  • A Company needs specialized support in several areas; Recruitment, Training & Development, Payroll, Statutory compliances, Staffing, Reference checks and more. These are serviced through our specialized service arms.
  • The extension of all these services by Bluesky in an integrated manner ensures that the delivery is driven by a single integrated system rather than disjointed offering.

Largest player in India:

Be powered by the leader!

  • Bluesky powers the HR function for more than 30 clients across various industries in India including Gaming, Mobile Commerce, Hospitality, FMCG, Construction, Media, BPO, Retail, Services, Manufacturing, Trading, Consultancy and more
  • The expanse of our clients provides several other benefits to business other than the cross learning facilitated by such a large canvas.