Bluesky Echo

Bluesky is a Combination of fine learning & self development for employees. The most desired role for any HR Professional is a generalist role, here at Bluesky the kind of exposure one gets is par excellent. The various HR verticals add significant value to Bluesky as a whole.

Being an Academy Student, I have gained the finest knowledge in HR. With my personal experience, I would advise any professional interested in an HR career - Join in

Sana Warsi
HR Executive

 “Think of Bluesky and the first thing that comes to my mind is “Progress” … Bluesky gave me what no other company could offer me at a time when I was fresh out of college with my degree, with dreams of achieving and exploring the HR world! It’s a place; full of growth, development and opportunities; depending on how well you take advantage of each of it… Bluesky has helped me build an extremely strong foundation in the very initial stages of my career which I believe is the most crucial time for most of us. With great organizational leadership, great support systems and great peers, I couldn’t have asked for a more enriching experience than this.
I’m a proud member of a Great Team - Bluesky!”

Bhakti Jhaveri
Sr HR Executive

" Blue Sky has been a brilliant place for establishing fundamental blocks of my professional career. What lured me to be part of this crazy roller coaster ride is the fact that every employee is given the onus of responsibility of building the company right from day one."

Aparna Majumdar
Asst. Manager-HR

Bluesky is a mindboggling place to work because through the entire chaos and continuous buzz around you in the form of ‘next’ practice new age HR innovations your still at peace with yourself because of high levels of engagement created through empowerment that powers you. You actually come away with the feeling of being a Zen master who has uncovered the secrets of the universe.

Reuben D’Souza
Sr HR Executive

“My two years of experience with Blue Sky have been able to expose me to their core values and working principles to such an extent that I am able to work using the same in my current position at Khana Khazana India Pvt Ltd. My association with Mr. Vaz (CEO - Blue Sky) and Suchi Pabari (Manager- HR Operations) has been enriching in the sense that their guidance and support clearly show the beneficial path of working in win-win situations and that works best for me as team mate of Blue Sky. I look forward to Blue Sky being my learning platform of excellence in human relations as also expanding my vision for opportunities with them in the future.”

Sabita Shekar
Sr HR Executive

“Baptism by fire - that is how I will describe my journey with Bluesky. Being a newcomer in the corporate world, I could not have asked for a better platform to showcase my talents and realize my strengths and weaknesses.
An inspiring leader, a challenging job, a collegian yet professional culture and recognition of good work - this is all any employee could ask for, and believe it or not, Bluesky encompasses this entire bundle."

Marianne Parackal
Asst Manager-Learning & Development
Ex Employee

This could run into pages but to shorten it, excellent team, lots of learning, strong and visionary leadership. Combination of all this ensures that employees are 10 steps ahead in their career. One of my best experiences which has made me what I am today. To all the future employees, if you are intelligent, goal oriented and see yourself rising up in the career ladder, this is the place to be.
I can best relate this work place to the movie 3 idiots, first thing is application of knowledge and mind, secondly breakthrough thinking and execution and thirdly  continuous learning, has always been our way of working and it is ensured that every employee is ahead in the race. I know what I am today...I know what I am today

Ashvini Menezes
Ex-Manager-Talent Acquisition
Ex Employee