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In today’s competitive milieu what the industry requires are professionals who are technically sound and well versed with industry practices. What is generally observed is that the inputs and training provided by most professional programs and courses available is generic and often limited to a framework of the business and the chosen function and not intensive enough to provide practical inputs at a ground level. This leads to the Executive found wanting at an execution level requiring him/her to acquire such skills through trial and error.

It is this understanding that resulted in the creation of Bluesky Academy in 2009, an autonomous academy under the aegis of Bluesky HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd, converged to empower professionals with quality learning meshed with practical exposure.

0 Gravity HR Course

Most often HR professionals are marginalized into a maintenance and rudimentary role even though most professionals pontificate the need for HR to play a more strategic role aligned with business. With globalization, proliferation of communities and focus on knowledge workers, HR management is becoming increasingly complex in today’s corporate world.

It is clearly evident that just reading books on HR does not help the individual get to the grassroots of the function. Practical exposure was seen as the most critical aspect. Keeping this facet in mind, the academy launched the ‘O Gravity HR Course’. The Objective was to provide executives aspiring to start a career in HR with ground level inputs on various HR facets and dimensions to ensure they are better equipped and tuned in to handle diverse HR challenges at an operational front.

The course is designed keeping in mind the industry need and covers all the basic elements to make HR executives more effective in their role.