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The course just blows your mind, the practical and realistic approach is a rock solid approach because it prepares you for real life situations which an HR executive faces, another great aspect of the course is the fact that you are placed in a job which gives one the additional security, kudos to the creators of the course and may it see many more students in the future so that like minded HR professionals can network and transform the manner in which HR is supposed to be perceived from a postman to a strategic business driver.

Reuben D’souza,

This course is designed for those who are passionate about their career in HR. All you need to have is PASSION, all other aspects are taken care of by the academy. The best part is, you are trained to apply the concepts, not just learn them. As you perform you are placed, even before the course is completed.

Sana Warsi,

Working and studying with Bluesky has been an amazing journey so far. Bluesky is a place for all people with the zeal to achieve new heights. The most motivating part for employees is that it is willing to grow people from within and give them opportunities and hands-on-experience within new domains. The number of avenues you have to grow are just infinite. I have found an atmosphere that is challenging, at the same time productive, enjoyable and people-oriented. It’s a people friendly organization with the senior management being very approachable and communicative.

Shrinivas Mishra,

After an extensive hunt for the right job, in the right place and getting queasy about all the recruiter’s job openings that came my way, I surmise it was on a lucky day that I stumbled upon BlueSky. Having always known HR was my final destination, BlueSky is the perfect ship for me to launch my voyage. Besides giving a fresher like me a dream opportunity to get into a Generalist HR profile, it equipped me with all the necessities one needs to possess in our corporate world. When I was told of the Academy and my consequent placement, I, like every other layman, was also hesitant to trust. But here I am, sitting proof, holding an Executive position in their client site within a month of my enrollment.

A student of the Academy myself, I leave the room with awe shining in my eyes and more confidence in my gait, because I am certain, I know so much more than any other MBA Graduate or Diploma holder out there. What I learn at BlueSky is incomparable; it is specific, precise and oriented towards application of HR theories and concepts rather than checking the same in written sheets. The faculty is unique, with practicing HR professionals parting some of their erudite knowledge, rather than some pin-striped lecturer droning with an eye on his watch. Getting in to BlueSky and sticking there isn’t a breeze; it tests your mettle, and it’s a litmus test for every person who considers themselves ‘ready’. But being in BlueSky is enviable. And I wait for the day to proudly claim myself a BlueSky product.

Sneha Iyer,

This course has helped me understand the essence of HR. It has given me a new outlook and dimension as compared to what I had framed after completing my diploma. It is completely practical as against any other theoretically driven course. I love the faculty especially when it comes to Mr. Vaz. To add to it I was placed at one of the clients within the first month of the course.

Grizel Dcosta,