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To replicate the actual work environment Bluesky Academy has designed the training centre like a typical corporate office. These classrooms are well equipped with multi-media facilities, networked computers, internet, an LCD screen and excellent acoustics and are used for training and conferences purposes.

Live Portal

To enable continuous discussion and sharing of knowledge, each student is connected on a live portal which enables them to discuss new business developments, share articles and write blogs. The portal is also used by the academy as a medium of keeping in constant contact with the students and updating them on changes in corporate rules and regulations as well as best practices in business.


The academy has a library which consists of an updated list of business, management and HR related books. These books are available to the students totally free of cost even six months after completion of the course


The faculty of Bluesky Academy plays a pivotal role in shaping the course and achieving higher levels of excellence through constant research, innovation and application of knowledge.

The mantra followed here is, Learn from those who practice it..

All the faculty members at Bluesky are practicing industry veterans who share their knowledge and experiences to make the course relevant to meet industry standards. These faculty members come from a plethora of industries, like FMCG, oil, gaming, automobile, designing, IT, media, agriculture, hospitality, construction etc. thus bringing along a rich diversity enabling continuous sectoral update of current HR practices.