HR Services >> Training & Competency Development

As part of the integrated offering one of the specialized arms provides high end Training & Development solutions. Bluesky value proposition is more inclusive and extends beyond Training & development into learning systems within an Organization.

The entire Training and Development division encompasses

  • Training Need Analysis
  • Training Design
  • Training Delivery
  • Training Evaluation

The Training pedagogy is constructed on a blend of conceptual and experiential training to ensure that modification of behavior is more permanent. Our Coaching tracker and development diary provides an individual with a better understanding of the competencies one needs to work on.

Training through Bluesky makes Training more impactful resulting in greater ROI because of the last mile follow through made possible through our HR Executive on-site. This ensures that what the executive learns is implemented

We provide support on Training & Development, in the areas of:

  • Behavioral Training
  • Managerial and Leadership Development
  • Sales Training
  • Customer Service
  • Change Management
  • Personal Effectiveness

Coaching & Mentoring

World over the focus is now shifting from Classroom training to application of knowledge in real life business situations for which Coaching and Mentoring is effectively used.

Our Coaching systems identify the skill gaps in an individual and provide pointed feedback to improve through experienced Coaching systems.

Sparks of Excellence

To facilitate learning at a localized level, the Development arm provides employees across our client base with incisive tips on improvement in their work sphere. These sparks of excellence, in a limited and localized way contribute to the up-gradation of the company’s skill base.