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How it works

  • Once the HR Architecture is defined based on the business needs and the client priorities, a program tracker specifying the initiatives to be implemented is developed.
  • The HR Operations team executes on the basis of the design definition in a systematic and controlled manner.
  • The HR Executive on-site executes the plan, guided by the Back End Process team and the Manager on the Account.
  • Acute and complex challenges are resolved by the Manager on the Account and if required by the Chief HR Architect, Mr. D’Oneil Vaz
  • Based on the nature of the challenge a subject expert is deployed

Review Mechanisms

  • The entire delivery and maturity of the account is overseen at the back end by a team of experts. Suggestive recommendations are made to the client to define the next level.
  • Each client is mapped on an HR maturity system.

Best Practices

  • Best Practices in HR and Organization improvement are systematically introduced into the Company periodically.

Levels of Outsourcing

  • Entire HR function outsourcing
  • Process Outsourcing
  • Regional office outsourcing
  • Resource Outsourcing
  1. HR Head Outsourcing
  2. HR Manager Outsourcing
  3. HR Executive Outsourcing

Turnkey HR Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

One of the key unique offerings by Bluesky is to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and family run organizations. While talent is a differentiator to every business, we well understand that such a category of companies need to focus on other priorities in this journey from “Good to Great”.

We provide turnkey solutions that relieve SME’s the pain of setting up their own HR function. Besides, all these services are provided on an economical cost model.